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8 Feb 2013

Warner Brothers - Asshole of the Week

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Warner Bros is threatening that the Government's release of confidential documents about the Hobbit union debate would be a "major disincentive" to future film-making in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Ombudsman has ordered the Government to release documents about the deal it struck to ensure the Hobbit movies were made in the country.

The government secured the three movies by changing employment laws and beefing up the tax rebate sweetener for the productions, resulting in an additional $25 million in incentives for Warner Bros.

Here we have a National government gifting large amounts of public money to a private United States based company, and the public isn't even allowed to know what was being negotiated? Unbelievable!

Not only did the cost to the taxpayer far outweigh any economic benefit we've seen, the secretive and underhanded way National and Warner Brothers acted to change employment laws to suit their business agendas was in my opinion entirely unacceptable!

In his 29-page ruling McGee said the information in the documents didn't pose serious commercial risks.

But New Line warned this would affect future relations, objecting in a statement included in the ruling.

"If the government is not willing to adequately protect this sensitive information from disclosure, this will operate as a major disincentive to motion picture studios as well as local and foreign talent - to utilise New Zealand as a location for future productions."

Wingnut Films also criticised the move.

Clearly the information will highlight the fact that Warner Brothers acted badly and with complete disregard for taxpayers money and workers rights, which is obviously why they're vehemently opposing its release.

So for being a bunch of money grubbing scum with a complete lack of ethical standards, Warner Brothers wins this week's Asshole Award... People should boycott all their films, not just The Hobbit.