Key ignores impoverished children | The Jackal

1 Feb 2013

Key ignores impoverished children

On Wednesday, TV3 reported:

Last year the Children's Commission released a report which said 25 percent of all children in New Zealand are living in poverty, and Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta claimed 40,000 kids turned up to school without lunch every day.

In contrast, Prime Minister John Key says reports of children going hungry are "isolated examples".

Isolated by our biased media perhaps, but you only have to ask those at the coal face about what's actually happening to know that John Key is talking shit!

With a reduction in funding and a huge increase in those seeking assistance since National gained power, many charitable organizations are now struggling to keep up with demand.

"There are 270,000 children living in poverty in our country, and that number is just so overwhelming," says Ms Taylor. "This, for us, is one way that an individual family, an organisation or an individual donor can make a difference to one child at a time."

Mr Key disputes poverty is so widespread, and claims his Government has put more money into welfare.

National has had to put more money into welfare because there's simply more welfare dependent people since they gained power. Unemployment for instance has more than doubled to a 13 year high under John Keys watch, and this is despite a harsh regime to reduce numbers by simply kicking people off welfare support.

John Key can continue to feign ignorance or he could actually acknowledge that his government has totally failed. The tax cuts for the rich have not created jobs, and it is time to reverse the social damage such detrimental policy has caused.

Of course John Key won't do the right thing to get New Zealand back on track again... Because he's a Prime Minister of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Apart from cheap or free labour, the poor simply don't register to Nationals business interests, and will therefore continue to be ignored.