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1 Feb 2013

Slater gets served

In a recent newsletter, Cameron Slater's repugnant blogsite, WhaleOilBeefHooked, gets served:

Some of you may have read comments on Cameron Slater’s “Whale Oil” blog prior to Christmas. Like me you probably thought – “Why such an unusual name?” Well as it happens it is an appropriate name for this blog – consider some facts about whale oil:

Whale oil is obtained from the blubber of whales. Whale oil was used as a cheap illuminant, though it gave off a strong odour when burnt and was not very popular. Until the invention of hydrogenation in the early 20th century, it was only used in industrial-grade cleansers because its foul smell and tendency to discolour made it unsuitable for cosmetic soap.

So in short, Whale Oil comes from fat; it is cheap, is unpopular, stinks, discolours and is unsuitable for anything good. An appropriate name for this blog site.

~ Patrick Lee-lo, President of the Building Services Contractors New Zealand.

Priceless! Not only has Mr Lee-lo accurately described the history behind whale oil, he's precisely described the scribblings of the right wing propagandist Cameron Slater as well.

Why such a cesspool of gutter politics is the most visited blogsite in New Zealand is beyond me, but I guess such a stench would attract a lot of flies and other insects to it.