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13 Feb 2013

Meet the Young Nats same as the old Nats

Yesterday, the Young Nats finally let rip with some highly self-important criticism of Nationals arch enemy, Winston Peters:

“Richard Prosser has attacked a sector of the community; and shamelessly defended this bitter and nasty attack – and Winston Peters is doing nothing about it” says Young Nats President, Sean Topham.

Richard Prosser took no responsibility for this attack; instead hiding behind a weasely-worded press release issued by Winston Peters, which had no apology.

But perhaps the most conceited bit is when Topham writes:

“The racist record Winston Peters and NZ First have racked up since their party’s formation is a pitiful contribution to politics and must stop.”

In my opinion, it's rather hypocritical of the Young Nats to be screaming blue murder about racism when their track record on the issue has been particularly reprehensible.

Young Nats member does Nazi salute 2012
Where was Sean Topham's apology for Young Nat member's showing their support for fascism and white power during their annual ball, and then uploading their racist photos to the internet for the world to see?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.