Conniving Key lies again | The Jackal

9 Feb 2013

Conniving Key lies again

Yesterday, the National party reported:

One of the most important things National can do for New Zealanders is put the right conditions in place to help create jobs, encourage investment, and build a stronger economy.

So why haven't they done that yet? New Zealand is clearly going backwards under a National government, and Key has had enough time in power to get things right... He's utterly failed!

Yesterday, statistics came out showing New Zealand's unemployment rate fell to 6.9 per cent for the December quarter. However, we know the labour market remains challenging for many people.

Funny how John Key chooses the slight fall in the unemployment rate that was a result of a big drop in the participation rate, not more employment. He totally fails to mention that there are now 23,000 less people being employed in the December 2012 quarter compared with the September 2012 quarter.

This underlines the importance of continuing with National's comprehensive Business Growth Agenda to help businesses grow, invest, and hire more staff.

Comprehensive Business Growth Agenda... Don't make me laugh.

It's disappointing to see a Prime Minister who's so obviously blinded by his own rhetoric that he completely ignores reality. In my opinion, never before has New Zealand seen such a conniving leader who attempts to mislead the public into believing everything is OK.

The truth is that New Zealand under the current administration is far from OK... For instance there's been a 190% increase in government debt since National gained power, which is more than all the other previous government’s debt combined.

A few other major problems include inequality increasing to the highest levels ever seen, child poverty increasing from 20% to 25% since 2009, declining home ownership levels and more Kiwi’s leaving New Zealand than ever before, which are all symptoms of Nationals neoliberal agenda.

The fact that the conniving Key is so overly optimistic in the face of such realities defies belief, and clearly indicates that the Prime Minister won't tackle any of these burning issues... Instead Key is happy to promote propaganda and outright lies.

I wonder how long the public will continue to be deceived by the MSM and remain ignorant of the damage National is causing to New Zealand? Not too long I hope.