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21 Feb 2013

Japanese Whalers - Asshole of the Week

Today, ABC News reported:

Anti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd claims two of its boats have been rammed by a Japanese ship in Australian Antarctic waters.

Activists say the attacks happened after they were ordered to leave the area by one of the boats in the Japanese whaling fleet.

They say the factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, repeatedly rammed the Steve Irwin and then the Bob Barker, pushing it into a Korean re-fuelling boat.

Sea Shepherd says "concussion grenades" have also been thrown at their activists.

All for a bit of whale meat on their plates... These Japanese are crazy!

The group's director, Doctor Bob Brown, says he has alerted authorities and wants immediate action against what he calls "multiple breaches of international law".

"I have informed the Government," he told ABC24. "Theses are Australian territorial waters and it is time for the Government to reassert itself and send naval vessels.

"This is the worse incident we've seen since the sinking of one of our vessels.

"It's extraordinarily dangerous and a direct break of the law. The escort vessel hurling grenades is labelled 'Government of Japan'.

Causing an international incident is pretty damn stupid... Especially so because its the Japanese government supporting their Whalers breaching international laws.

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke says he is trying to confirm the reports.

"Let's wait until I can get those reports confirmed, but I won't be going quiet once I get the information," he said.

The Sea Shepherd reports are obviously accurate, and the Australian government should send in the Navy to observe and intervene if there are further breaches of international law.

Putting peoples lives in danger and ignoring international treaties all in the name hunting whales (some of which are endangered), under the thin guise of "research" is not the way to go about things.

Obviously their despicable actions make the Japanese Whalers complete assholes! They therefore win this week's award... Let's hope they just fuck off back to Japan and leave the Southern Ocean to the whales.