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25 Feb 2013

Rodney Hide - Asshole of the Week

On Saturday, 3 News reported:

As the party faithful arrived at the modern day utopia, they were greeted with a rousing speech from former leader Rodney Hide, who attacked the media.

"The media won't know what you're talking about,” he says. “They think you have horns, hate the poor, hate Maori, hate the unions – well, that's true.”

So Act is going to target voters who are overtly bigoted like them, thinking that will get their dying party above the 5% threshold... What a bunch of idiots!

There's a fine line to tread here with most bigots preferring not to openly declare their racism... With Hide openly admitting that the Act party will discriminate against people on the basis of their skin colour many supporters will turn off the Act party, because the majority won't be overtly racist.

That makes Hide politically stupid and clearly displays the reasons why the Act party only polled 0.1% in the 3 News-Reid Research poll. Thankfully the racist idiots look unlikely to be back in parliament after the next election.

Really Hide should be commended on his exceptional work to undermine the Act party, but for now he wins this week's Asshole Award... Hide is truly an asshole of the highest order.