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14 Feb 2013

Slater is pathetic

The ever-deceitful Cameron Slater has been posting like a madman in an attempt to discredit the 'Say No To Asset Sales' campaign.

It's a bit pathetic really, especially because Slater is so blindly opposed to keeping our power companies in public hands that he's willing to promote total lies, which for anybody who's familiar with Slater's propaganda should come as no surprise.

Today, WhaleOil reported:

This was the scene last night as the Green taliban [sic] and Labour conducted an anti-asset sales rally in Frank Kitts park:

Slater has also used a photo of around a hundred people who attended an Against Domestic Violence rally at the same location in an attempt to show that nobody cares about keeping our assets.

However his post's are entirely non-factual, and the turnout to the anti-asset sales rally at Frank Kitts park was respectable at around a thousand participants... Here's the proof:

There's already been well over 370,000 stop the asset sales signatures collected (over 11% of eligible voters), which easily meets the amount required for the petition to trigger a referendum on the issue.

With over half of those who voted for National at the last election also not wanting asset sales, a referendum will assuredly mean that New Zealand retains its most profitable and socially beneficial assets for future generations.

In my opinion, National would be pretty damn stupid not to allow a referendum to go ahead... But not half as stupid as Slater's pathetic attempts to mislead the public. That guy is a total plonker!

Join the sign-a-thin or download the petition here.