Rena scam warning | The Jackal

15 Jan 2012

Rena scam warning

Today, Maritime New Zealand report:

National oiled wildlife fundraising scams
There have been reports of a number of phone, online and merchandise scams for people to donate to an oiled wildlife fund for the Rena response.
There are no official fundraising activities for the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team.
Police have been notifed and the public are reminded to be cautious and never disclose personal, bank details or credit card information over the phone, online or in an email.
You can find out more about the latest hoaxes, scams and safety advice on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Scamwatch website:
The only official fund in operation is the "Bay of Plenty Care for our Coast Fund". Donation information is available on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council website: www.boprc.govt.nz