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26 Jan 2012

Cameron Slater - Asshole of the Week

Most of us would have heard the teapot tape by now. It's not as bad as I thought it might be, but it certainly makes the two Johns look like a couple of prize jerks.

Amongst the claims by the right wing that there is nothing to see and we should all just move along, is yet another feckless rant by Cameron Slater:

Winston Peters has been proven to be a liar. Nothing on the tape even remotely suggests what he breathlessly intimated.

This whole episode shows the parlous state of some media outlets in NZ.

It is curious that the tape has been released on the same day as the Prime Minister’s first major speech of the year. Proving that this whole stitch-up has been a political act from beginning to end, shamelessly milked by media outlets desperate for sales and corrupt politicians desperate for votes.

So let's check the transcript to see if Peter's lied about what was in the teapot tape. Firstly, Winston said the tape canvassed issues including the future and leadership of the Act party:

Banks: I think that after the election with Catherine…
Key: Yeah, she’s good.
Banks: Don Nicolson, and Steve Whittington, the four of us, we can completely restructure and rebuild this party.
Key: That’s right. And she’s good actually. She’s…I reckon she’ll have quite a bit of female appeal.
Banks: Yeah.
Key: Yeah, that’s where you’ll…
Banks: He’s a strange fellow, the other fellow isn’t he?
Key: Mmmm! Oh, yeah! Yeah, no, no, we’ve been down that road! That is why when they rang me in the UK I never ever thought of this, you know, 15 percent we’d have a snap election…
[quiet mumbling]
Banks: I didn’t know. I didn’t know.

Looks like Winston Peter's got that bit right. He also said Banks and Key spoke about New Zealand First's electoral chances, the percentage of the vote National would secure and that Key had disrespected the people most likely to vote for New Zealand First, the elderly:

Key: Apparently Roy Morgan’s out this afternoon is very good too and TV3’s very good at the weekend for us, but it’s all pretty solid. I’d say the Herald will be slightly low, but you know, margin. I mean, in the end it’s going to ease down, would be my guess, go…we’ll get to 50, 49 50, anything around there will be good enough.


Banks: Do you think Winston will be back this time?
Key: [dismissive laugh] No, not at all no chance.
Banks: [mumble]
Key: [amused] Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s, but no, no, not a show. He, look, he’s at 2.5 I think on the TV3 poll, we have him about 2.5, 3. Look, he polled 4 last time, he’ll poll 3 this time, a lot of his constituents have all died. He won’t poll, I don’t think he’ll poll much above 3 this time.

So Winston wasn't lying at all, and the leaked tape vindicates him for informing the public prior to the last election about what the recording contained.

Anybody who keeps track of Slater's blog knows that he's a consummate liar. Believing what he writes is akin to believing the holocaust never happened. As usual Cameron Slater has chosen to not even check the facts... his argument is simply delusional!

Slater has also been bullying a 16-year-old girl for wanting an end to child poverty. Therefore the bewildered troll wins an Asshole award for 2012. Hurrah!