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22 Jan 2012

Last BDO in New Zealand

Kurt Cobain from Nirvana - Big Day Out Sydney 1992

Last Wednesday, the NZ Herald reported:

Big Day Out promoters have denied the announcement that this year's festival will be the last is a mere publicity stunt to boost sales.

For 18 years The Big Day Out has been Auckland's biggest, noisiest music festival and a rite of passage for many teenagers - but after Friday, it will be no more.


Organisers confirmed last night they were pulling the plug on the transtasman music festival's New Zealand show, although Australian concerts will continue.

Mr Smith insists it's no publicity stunt.

What event organiser Campbell Smith actually said was:

“It’s complete crap, it’s bullshit. We are genuinely sad about having to do this [and] we wanted to let people know.

The 2012 BDO lineup was slated on forums, however the organizers have made amends by letting people with any previous authentic BDO merchandise in for free.

Low ticket sales and increased competition are undoubtedly the main reasons for the events untimely demise... but really it's just another good reason to move to Australia.