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4 Jan 2012

USA vs Iran

Without enough oil reserves of its own and an unwillingness to shift into clean technology, there is no question that the United States must look to other countries to meet its huge demand for oil. This ultimately leads to conflict whereby the US with an economy dependent on oil, will utilize any mechanisms at its disposal to promote security of supply.

Iran holds the fourth largest oil reserves in the world, while the US, (the worlds largest consumer) has approximately 1.4% of the worlds oil reserves. With the oil barons still in power, their solution is to promote wars for oil. They can only do this by praying upon people's fears... and the best way to do that is to demonize those countries that have the resources they covet.

New Zealand's mainstream media has been running pro US propaganda in regards to Iran for some time now. This includes fear mongering about Iran's nuclear weapons potential, with one particular TV3 news broadcast last night saying Iranian rockets already had the potential to deliver a nuclear payload. This is of course incorrect, with Iran only just producing its first nuclear fuel rod. Iran is light years away from producing a nuclear weapon, if they even decided to attempt one.
Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty way back in July 1968... and despite a lack of disclosure to the IAEA and inspectors being blocked because they were US spies, there is still no evidence that Iran is progressing a nuclear weapons program. They simply do not have weapons of mass destruction... as if that was ever a good excuse for war.

Despite a comprehensive IAEA report in 2003 finding no evidence that Iran was attempting to build an atomic bomb... the Bush administration claimed the report was "impossible to believe." It's a clear indication that despite the evidence, the US administration is willing to use a lie to invade Iran, to try and secure their oil reserves.

The potential worldwide destruction such wars for oil propagate should not be underestimated. Iran in particular has ties with both Russia and China, who will not take kindly to the United States instigating a war over false pretext, just like they did with Iraq.

The United States and United Nations recent unfounded sanctions against Iran made the riyal fall 13% to an all time low. This led Iran to threaten to stop shipping in the Strait of Hormuz, potentially closing off 40% of the worlds oil supply.

With both the US and Iranian economies being at stake, and other western countries such as France calling for harsher sanctions, there does not seem to be any will for a diplomatic solution from either side. How dumb is that?