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25 Jan 2012

Bob Parker - Hero of the Week

Once in while, a local body government will take the time to look properly at the evidence available and put people and the environments wellbeing ahead of financial gain. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, we should congratulate those who have pulled their heads out of the sand.

Most people would have heard by now about the destructive process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking as it's more commonly known.

Recent studies have confirmed that fracking has caused water contamination in the US and even been linked to earthquakes there and in the UK.

That's why today's news that the Christchurch City Council has called on the Government for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Canterbury is so fantastic! reports:

In a letter this month to Minister of Energy and Resources Phil Heatley, Mayor Bob Parker said the council had resolved to call for a moratorium at a meeting on December 8, after widespread community concerns.


"Both the board and the council are aware of community concerns about this issue, including the issues of the practice leading to contamination of drinking water, discharge of pollutants into the environment and possible linkages with increase in seismic activity," Parker wrote.

He added: "The council respectfully requests that the Government consider a moratorium until an independent inquiry is carried out, and would appreciate being kept informed of its decision on the matter."

Let's for a minute put aside the fact that the Canterbury District Council has just awarded their chief executive, Tony Marryatt a pay rise of 14.4%... because some things are more important than money.

So for putting the environment and people's future ahead of any short-term financial gain, Bob Parker wins this week's Hero Award. Let's hope John Key's newly elected government is bold enough to pull their heads out of the sand as well.