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26 Jan 2012

Teapot tape released

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Today, the Otago Daily Times reported:

Mr Key, who is in Auckland giving his first major speech of the year, today apologised to pensioners if they took offence to his comments in the recording.

He said he would phrase things differently in public than in private.

"Older New Zealanders at some point pass away, and it's a statement of fact that Winston Peters' base has typically been represented by older New Zealanders," Mr Key said.

"But that was a private conversation. I would always phrase things in a better way if it was a public conversation.

"So if there was offence, yes I would apologise for that, but I haven't listened to the tape."

He said he would listen to it in "due course".

He said the leaker may have broken the law, but that was a matter for police.

"[Publishing the tape] is not something I've authorised, so anyone that's done that may find themselves in breach of the law."

Evidence that Key is a contrived little snake who has to doctor the message.