Lunch with John Key | The Jackal

16 Jan 2012

Lunch with John Key

The Waitakere Business Club presents the Right dishonourable John Key, in his first major public piss up of 2012 at the Business Club Lunch event on Thursday 26 January.

During his long summer hiatus in Hawaii, John Key has had an epiphany and decided to cast off his teflon coated suit along with other trappings of power and showmanship like his toupee.

No longer hiding behind a smile and a wave, John Key will now concentrate on lucrative motivational speaking about the opportunities available in a cannibalistic dog eat dog economy. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

John Key will cover Laissez-faire ideology and other class warfare doctrines such as asset stripping, financial repression, politicism, extrajudicial punishment, environmental plunder and how best to remove citizen's rights while keeping them ignorant and occupied.

Date: Thursday 26 January
Time: 10.30 am -1.00 pm
Venue: The Genesis Room, The Trusts Function Centre, Central Park Drive, Henderson
Cost: $65.00 + GST per person or $650.00 + GST for a table of ten sheeple | Includes buffet lunch served in a trough, cash bar available and tab available to be set up by prior arrangement | enjoy a complimentary glass of wine from John Keys very own secret estate.

This lunch will be a great opportunity for you to meet your dictator and host your key clients and suppliers to hear first hand the topics on the mind of New Zealand's most deluded Prime Minister ever.

John Key assures the organizers that he will not walk out during question time.

Book your place today and be there to hear the Prime Minister's fascist agenda for 2012 and beyond.