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3 Dec 2011

Young Natz are boring

Six young natz show just how brain dead boring they are in this video negatively endorsing Cunliffe. I transcribed it because the audio is shite!
I’ve got a few brief remarks.

Today the young National's are endorsing David Cunliffe for leader of the Labour party. We think this is bloody exciting for Labour and for New Zealand.

David Cunliffe has been a member of the young National’s since March this year, where he signed up at the University of Auckland O week.

David Cunliffe’s dishonesty, disloyalty and unparalleled arrogance make him a perfect candidate for leader of the Labour party.

Cunliffe has reminded us in the past that he’s not afraid of running shows, and we firmly believe that running freshly decimated Labour caucus will be of no challenge to him.

As members of the young National’s, we are proud to say that David Cunliffe enjoys our full and unequivocal support in his bid for leadership of the Labour party.

Thank you.

It's the most sleep inducing political stunt I've seen all year. ZZZZZZ