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15 Dec 2011

Garth George the dinosaur

Today, Garth George wrote a stupid article for the NZ Herald in which he apparently quotes a couple of his mates:

"The Greens," he wrote, "are a serious threat to the sanctity of life ethic and the right to life of every person from conception to natural death. They are also a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

Allowing a woman the choice depending on their circumstances is hardly a threat to "the sanctity of life." Likewise allowing somebody who has reached the end of their life and is suffering to choose a dignified death is hardly usurping nature.

Only sadists expect others to suffer interminable pain, which in my opinion amounts to torture. Nature can often be very cruel... finding ways to alleviate that cruelty is what humanity is all about.

We should recognise that the long-term objective of the Greens is to reduce the world's population, creating a world in which nature is the dominant 'right' with humanity subservient to that 'deity'."

Allowing mankind to continue to dominate and procreate beyond the earths capabilities is a sure way to ensure our mutual destruction.

It's a no brainer really... either the worlds population stabilizes at seven billion and we work towards reducing the problems we already face or we continue to reproduce until resources fail to sustain us.

Coupled with the effects of climate change on crops and it's a recipe for unprecedented disaster. Perhaps he/she is untravelled and hasn't seen the overcrowding in other countries... it's awful!

Another mate of mine suggests that same-sex adoption is likely to be pushed by the Greens and Labour this term, but opposed by NZ First. The big question is whether National will resist this social engineering. The same applies to same-sex marriage.

I'm surprised that same sex marriages and adoption are illegal in New Zealand... especially considering the boost to the economy that arises from such legislative common sense.

New Zealand has certainly fallen well behind the progressive attitudes that resulted in us becoming the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

As for the decriminalisation of abortion, Labour MP Steve Chadwick, who was championing this law change, lost her list seat at the election but we can expect that "cause" to be picked up by another Labour, or Green, MP.

George's "mate" seems to think that abortion was until recently a crime. However the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 (PDF) says otherwise. Steve Chadwick was elected in 1999, 22 years after decriminalization. George's mate the dinosaur is obviously an idiot!

The article does get a little better though:

Among other matters which will be carefully watched is what the Government will do about the drinking age and the intolerable harm done by excessive alcohol consumption.

This will be back on the parliamentary agenda early next year but unfortunately last term's National-led government showed little will to deal with the obvious harms of alcohol abuse.

It has ignored many of the solutions put forward by the Law Commission after consulting extensively with the public, and far too many senior politicians are promoting a split drinking age that will send a mixed message and fail to acknowledge the harm alcohol does to the developing brains of teenagers.

I bet George doesn't realize that less than 10% of the heavy (problem) drinkers in New Zealand are under the age of 20. The heavy drinking culture is essentially an adult problem.

C'mon NZ Herald... surely you can do better?

UPDATE: Garth George plagiarized most of the article from some bigot called Ken Orr... what a hack!