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29 Dec 2011

Radioactive muttonbirds

Last Thursday, the NZ Herald reported:

Potentially radioactive muttonbirds nesting in NZ
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), which is charged with leading New Zealand's biosecurity system, said it took the potential for contamination of foods with radioactive material very seriously.
"However, we have no information at this time to suggest that muttonbirds might be significantly exposed to radioactive contamination due to this incident.
"MAF continues to monitor any new information that might cause us to change our advice to people about eating muttonbirds.''

Until testing is conducted, shouldn't people be warned not to eat Muttonbirds?

Despite the possible contamination, there's been no official warning about eating sooty terns (Onychoprion fuscata) that could have been exposed to Strontium-90 after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Here's Josh Adams, head of the research team from the US Geological Survey, speaking to Radio NZ:

What kind of researcher into nuclear fallout doesn't understand that people can be exposed to Strontium-90 through dietary pathways?

Adams believes that the Muttonbirds offspring will not be affected... he's wrong! Sensitivity to radiation is elevated from conception through embryonic development... that means if the Muttonbirds are exposed, they will pass that exposure onto their offspring through maternal bone stores.

When consumed orally or inhaled Strontium-90 has multiple pathogenic effects in the body and results in elevated levels of a variety of cancers.
Muttonbirds migratory pattern
With an average 10 years between exposure and cancer manifestation... it looks like MAF will get away with their idiotic decision not to place a ban on the collection of Muttonbirds.