Stop the evictions | The Jackal

9 Dec 2011

Stop the evictions

National plans mass evictions for Glen Innes. On November 16 Socialist Aotearoa reported:

160 families are facing eviction from their homes in Glen Innes, as the working class face social cleansing to enable private property developers build luxury villas where state houses once stood. It's the age old battle of poor people on rich land- and the greed of property developers and yuppie gentrifiers who want beautiful views of the Bay comes before the needs of poor Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha families.

This is completely unacceptable! Property speculators have already pushed house prices up so that the average Kiwi family can no longer afford to own their own home.

Not content with falling home ownership, National intends to kick the poor out into the streets where those same property speculators can charge overinflated market rents for unmaintained and unhealthy housing. We cannot allow this to happen.