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13 Dec 2011

A blighted future

On 29 November, National announced a Boost in national preventive health:

Mr Ryall says these new national health target results demonstrate that the public health service remains fully committed to delivering better care for patients.

The Ministry of Health made a number of claims in their Health Target propaganda (PDF) that paints a rosy picture about the wellbeing of New Zealander's.

Meanwhile in the real world, third world diseases are becoming more prevalent than ever before.

Today, the Otago Daily Times reported:

AN ESCALATING level of reported cases of whooping cough has Tairawhiti public health officials worried. 
“In the past month we have seen 15 cases of whooping cough notified to Public Health. 
“At the same time last year we had no cases at all,” says Tairawhiti District Health medical officer of health, Dr Geoffrey Cramp. 
Whooping cough — also known as pertussis — causes a cough that usually lasts longer than two weeks. A whooping sound on breathing in gives the condition its name. 
The cough can cause young babies to stop breathing for a short time and turn a dusky blue colour.

Thanks to the insane policies of consecutive National governments, we now have the fastest growing inequality of all OECD countries.

Is this what John Key meant by a brighter future... children getting third world diseases in what used to be a first world country? It's shameful!