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29 Dec 2011

Cathy Odgers Muppet

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There's something that separates many right wing bloggers out from the rest of the pack... their continued hypocritical commentary.

On 19 December, the invective Cathy Odgers complained on The Standard about a post entitled Prick, that was published on The Jackal:

Obviously being attacked by an anonymous blogger and comments here as a prick with my name doesn’t give me a right of reply using the authors real name back. Charming. (sic)
I know precisely who the Jackal is and given the depth of bile written on his blog about others, I’d say all bets were off Lynn.

All bets are off? As far as threats go… that’s decidedly pathetic!

Then three days after her whinging about being called a prick, she launches her immature Prick Awards... what a complete hypocritical Muppet!