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31 Dec 2011

Jackal impersonators

A while ago I had a bit of trouble with a right-winger using my email address to steal the Jackal handle, and writing crap on left blogs in an attempt to discredit me. Thanks to quick acting moderators, this wasn't much of an issue.

However another right wing impersonator has now started to comment on Kiwibog using the Jackal handle. This is obviously not the original Jackal, as I've been banned from commenting at Kiwibog.

True to form, Farrar hasn't bothered to moderate the identity theft. In fact it's likely he's had to specifically remove the jackal handle from the systems banned list to allow comments to be made. Here's a sample of the impersonators drivel:

Jordan it isn’t fantasy land economics, as Reagans spell and the economies of Singapore and Hong Kong will attest to. We’ll never know if it will work in NZ because our politicians have no guts to tell people the truth about effort, reward risk and the falacies of socialism.  
What you are annoyed at Tristan is that Donna was an Albatross around ACT’s neck, and now that she can be dismissed for distorting Parliament’s proportionality, that particular piece of ammunition is taken away from the left’s arsenal.
The DPB was a nice touchy-feeley based benefit to help people through a situation, but it has morphed into something way more sinister. It has allowed some fathers to shirk their responsibilities, and rewards irresponsible mothers for shacking up with multiple partners/ semen donors -they aren’t fathers- thereby exposing the kids to an increased likelihood of being subjected to abuse.

Although it makes me a bit suspicious that the Kiwibog threads read like the internal dialog of a narcissistic psychopath... I wouldn't like to speculate about the similarities in the impersonators writing style with a particular well-known right wing blogger.

Strangely, another possibility has been highlighted by an unlikely source... the ever-abhorrent Redbaiter from TrueBlueNZ. He speculates that it's National party spin-doctors that are providing content for Kiwibog:

Could these people be the mystery writers publishing pro-National/Key posts on Kiwiblog? We’ll probably never know of course, but they certainly fit the necessary profile, and of course would be just the people that Farrar would not want to identify if they were. After all his protesting concerning his detachment from National, he’d have to close down his blog if it turned out some of his posts were secretly written by John Key’s press unit.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.