Heatley lies again | The Jackal

14 Dec 2011

Heatley lies again

On 5 November, National's Housing Spokesman Phil Heatley, made a media release in which he states:

"Over the past three years, National has increased the overall State housing portfolio by more than 1000 homes and completed upgrades to tens of thousands of other homes, including insulation, clean heating and essential maintenance," says Mr Heatley.

However figures attained through the Official Information Act show that he's lying. Between 2008 and 2011 413 new houses were built. There were also 683 redevelopments (New houses on existing land). Only 537 of these new builds are attributable to National's governance. 256 houses were demolished.

The total vacant properties went from 1588 to 2059. That's an increase of 471 vacant state houses since National was elected in 2008.

In February, Phil Heatley said:

Since July 2008, Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) has sold 24 properties worth more than $700,000 each, providing $19 million to be reinvested in less expensive housing.
Mr Heatley said HNZC had 186 properties valued at more than $700,000 in its portfolio - many of which were built on large sections in areas that were once cheap, but had become expensive and desirable.

Between 2008 and 2011 548 state houses were sold making on average $144,195 per sale. National is now planning to undertake further unpopular evictions to be able to sell or demolish more state houses.

256 demolished + 471 more vacant + 548 sold = 1275. Total new build since 2008 (including those arranged under Labour) = 1096. That's a grand total of 179 fewer houses being provided since National gained power.