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5 Dec 2011

Banning plastic bags

A few days ago, the Huff Post reported:
WASHINGTON -- Across the country, cities and counties are instituting fees on plastic bags, or even banning them outright, in an effort to prevent pollution and raise revenue for cash-strapped local governments. 
Four cities in Oregon -- Eugene, Corvallis, Newport and Ashland -- are considering banning plastic bags at retail stores. The towns would join at least 10 other U.S. cities and counties that have prohibited plastic bags since 2008. 
"There is no reason a product we use for a few minutes should float in our oceans for a few hundred years," said Dave Mathews, a preservation associate for Environment Oregon.

Why the hell aren't we banning plastic bags here in New Zealand as well? New Zealand is meant to be a world leader in this kind of thing. We need to protect our environment as well as our clean and green branding as much as possible.