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6 Nov 2011

Duncan Garner - National Hack

A couple of days ago Duncan Garner showed us all what a complete political hack he is in a news broadcast on TV3. Garner claimed that John Key had "crucified" Phill Goff by saying, "show me the money" in a Press Leaders debate held in Christchurch on 2 November.

What makes this claim so laughable is that Labour had already shown us the money (PDF) around a week before the Press debate, showing a level of financial intricacy never seen before from an opposition party.

Here's the video of Duncan Garners biased reporting:

Here's a few comments:
the sprout ~ it’s an interpretation of Duncan Garner broadcasting the news drunk last night.

Hilary ~ It seems like the bullies are cheering on the other bullies. Duncan Garner’s comments on 3 news last night a good example.

William Joyce ~ Duncan Garner on 3News tonight. Duncan sometimes makes sense and other times just misses the boat. But I have been prepared to give him some space (for which I think he has been very relieved ;)

Tonight he was totally off the mark. He said that Goff was not only bested by Key on Wednesday but he was crucified by him. WTF! He was so far off the mark and driving, not a knife, but a lance into Goff at full gallop that I wonder what his motivation was. It was so uncalled for and with not even a modicum of truth to it. 

I expect some bias from everybody, if only accidentally, but this was so vicious and malicious that I wonder if Dunky boy was pissed when he went up to the gallery to give his piece to camera.

It was incredibly unprofessional. 3News needs to investigate whether, being Friday, Duncan had been drinking in the press galley and had been under the influence when he was on camera.
The mainstream media being all to ready to give Labour shit while completely failing to hold National to account and not wanting to hear any criticism of Brand Key is also glaringly obvious in this Radio New Zealand interview with David Cunliffe: