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23 Nov 2011

Another broken promise

Prior to the last election in 2008, National promised that New Zealander's would Wave goodbye to higher taxes… however National increased GST to 15%. The broken promise ensured that socially negative statistics kept growing.

New Zealand is becoming a 3rd world country... and it’s 3rd world thinking that’s getting us there.

National's pledge card also said: Not your loved ones… meaning that New Zealander’s would stop leaving en mass. However we‘ve seen the first net migration loss in ten years and the increasing exodus has continued to grow under National over the last three years.

Here is what the current 2011 Statistics say:

The net loss of migrants to Australia was 32,700 in the August 2011 year, the highest since the March 2009 year (33,600). The latest figure resulted from 47,600 departures to Australia offset by 14,900 arrivals from Australia. In both directions, most migrants were New Zealand citizens.

...and here is what the stats from August 2008 said:

The net Permanent and long-term (PLT) migration gain of 4,900 in the year ended August 2008 is below the annual average of 11,800 recorded for the December years from 1990–2007. 

Some people have argued that the Christchurch earthquakes are the reason for the continued exodus… however only a small percentage of those leaving come from Christchurch. The vast majority of people are leaving because National has mismanaged the economy and things are getting worse here in New Zealand.

There was a seasonally adjusted net loss of 640 for the month, from a downwardly revised loss of 680 in September, the biggest since February 2001, Statistics New Zealand said. 
For the year to Oct. 31, there was a net loss of 100 permanent and long term migrants, compared with gain of 12,610 in the previous October year. It was the first annual loss since the year ended September 2001.

The amount of people leaving increased in the year to September 2011. Statistics show (PDF) 1,100 more permanent departures of New Zealand citizens to Australia. It's the first annual net loss of migrants since 2001 (PDF). There was no net loss under Labour in 2008. The publication also states that:

Net migration away from New Zealand continues in 2011.

Australia’s immigration and tourism campaign slowed last year while New Zealand’s campaign has increased. This shows that despite an extensive advertising campaign in other countries, New Zealand is no longer as desirable a location to move to.

So despite spending millions more on advertising New Zealand around the world, National has totally failed to uphold their election pledge to reduce the amount of people permanently leaving.

The exodus to Australia is continuing because they earn more. Key also promised to close the gap.

The Australian median earnings of all full time workers last year was $54,750. Median earnings of all employees was $44,146 per year in 2010 with half of all Australian workers earning less than $44,146 per year.

Here is a wage comparison of Australia vs New Zealand:

Comparing directly with Australian wages and adjusting for purchasing power parity we see that in June 2009 the Australian average wage was 35% ahead of New Zealand. In June 2010 it was 41% ahead. This compares average weekly full time wages as best we can, but takes no account of the generous superannuation contributions (at 9% of income) that Australians receive from their employers. 

National has totally failed to uphold their promise.