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22 Aug 2014

Tolley feeds Slater too

Because of Nicky Hager's excellent book, Dirty Politics, we know that a number of senior National party officials and Ministers have been caught out supplying information and content to the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blogsite, information that Cameron Slater uses to try and discredit the opposition with.

What we didn't know however until today was that the Minister for Police and Corrections, Anne Tolley through her office staff appear to also be directly supplying the despicable Cameron Slater with sensitive information.

Personally I think this is an entirely unacceptable type of politicking, whereby government officials at the behest of their Ministers who have access to large amounts of sensitive data are choosing to provide it to attack bloggers like Cameron Slater and David Farrar. It's a dirty and disgusting form of politics that should have no place in New Zealand's democracy.

Here's the relevant excerpt from todays Whaledump release:

Cameron Slater, 2/21, 1:58am

i got those stats out of tolleys office, seems Gillon has worked out that feeding the whale might help
Simon Lusk, 2/21, 1:59am

yes they should have all worked it out now
Cameron Slater, 2/21, 2:05am

I had jonathan marshall asking me why i drip ffed all the cehill stuff and don't just do a big post

idiot repeaters

they obviously don't know about WOBH Rules of Politics #43

Death by a Thousand cuts is always better than a swift beheading

Gillon refers to Anne Tolley's media contact, Gillon Carruthers.

Unfortunately the article in the Gisborne Herald concerning this matter has been taken offline, probably because the National party is determined to not let the damaging truth be widely reported on. Too late!

Clearly it's only the National party who've been caught providing sensitive information to their attack bloggers. The Prime Minister's claims that all political parties undertake similar covert and unacceptable practices is another pathetic lie to try and shift the focus off of their underhanded tactics.

Let's hope that the media continues to give National's Dirty Politics the attention it deserves.