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25 Aug 2014

David Farrar's dirty politics

On Sunday, the political program Q+A had a panel discussing the Dirty Politics revelations that have by all accounts but their own badly derailed the National parties campaigning. What I found most surprising about this panel is that it included somebody implicated in the right wings underhanded attack politics, David Farrar.

Not only was David Farrar AKA Pinko to his "friends" on the show, he was allowed to bleat on for ages while other panellists were closed out of the discussion. The nervous little man tried his best to downplay his seedy role in National's black-ops team, saying that it was merely people sharing information and that other political parties do it all the time as well. Yeah right!

Being that National Minister's have been providing sensitive information to their pet attack bloggers in order to discredit the people they don't like, and that no other political party has ever been found to have acted similarly, there is no validity to such a patently disingenuous argument. In other words there are no excuses for such despicably undemocratic behaviour.

By trying to minimize the terrible truth, David Farrar et al are clasping at straws in the hope that New Zealanders aren't interested in what the government and their propagandists get up to. Seemingly aided by a biased media, they intend to try and sweep the Dirty Politics scandal under the rug without having properly answered any of the pressing questions Nicky Hager's book raises.

However, some things cannot be hidden or covered up, and instead need to be exposed for all to see. Here's one such excerpt from the source material that deserves further attention:

April 25, 2011
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:01am

i wasnt going to say that in case your email gets read
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:02am

my email doesn't get read


Apparently Pinko is the main driving force behind the Princess party
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

well i was going to say i have cleared the field for you, given you the most likely targets and will get them drunk for you
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:03am

he has invited [REDACTED] to it and to the one the next night
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

righto, good cleint recruitment

he asked if he can bring neil miller, which i said yes to
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:04am

she likes threesomes so it could be promising for her and a young nat
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:05am

i'd try [REDACTED] she is filthy

not many young nats coming, i told jordan i didnt want them because they are retards
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:05am

just dirty girls who flip it up
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:06am

thats the plan, and i have carefully kept the balance of princesses to guys uneven

make sure [REDACTED] knows not to come without a full princess outfit and a bottle of bubbly
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:08am

i better go book a fucking moneky suit

David Farrar, a trustee of the Free Speech Coalition, has tried his best to dismiss the 'Princess Party' as some sort of celebration of the Royals. In my opinion the discussion above shows that his weak defense is highly flawed. Clearly the sex party these National party propagandists set up was anything but innocent.

Old men organizing a party, then targeting and getting young woman drunk in order to have sex with them is clearly the activity of sexual deviants and such people should have no place within our political system.

The leaked communications between Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk are a pretty damn good reason not to have the repulsive David Farrar on our TV trying to defend his and the National parties dirty politics. His involvement in the 'Princess Party' is another good reason not to vote for National as well.