Internet MANA party opening address | The Jackal

24 Aug 2014

Internet MANA party opening address

We are the Internet generation, and we ask the question: what would a better New Zealand look like? Is there another way?

We live in a time of economic inequality, unaffordable housing and looming ecological disaster.

Corporations & Governments are maximising short term profits at the expense of the long term health of the planet. The government says the system works. What they mean is the system works for them.

We say it is time for a system that works for everyone.
Is change possible? We believe it is.

The solutions already exist but vested interests are blocking the changes our country & planet desperately need.

Internet MANA is our opportunity to change the status quo.
All it will take is 100,000 millennials to vote to change the game.

So here’s to us. The geeks, dorks & nerds. The misfits, rebels & troublemakers.

The lovers, fighters & dreamers.
We are the Internet generation.

This September let’s vote to change the game.
Party vote Internet MANA.