Is Simon Lusk a psychopath? | The Jackal

23 Aug 2014

Is Simon Lusk a psychopath?

National party consultant Simon Lusk
You may have noticed that the mask has entirely slipped from the National parties face, taking their pretence of being honourable with it. Because of the revelations in Nicky Hager's excellent book, Dirty Politics, no longer can people like John Key, Judith Collins and Gerry Brownlee pretend to have the best interest of New Zealand at heart, because it appears that they don't have a heart at all.

Instead, there's a poisonous cesspit of vipers where the heart of our democracy used to be. The venomous articles and comments that National party Minister's and officials spit out under various pseudonyms to anonymously smear people they don't like will be a distasteful poison many voters will be put off by. However many more will resolve to change this corrupt government.

Just how vile and despicable the National party and their propagandists are was clearly highlighted today in this Weekend Herald article by Phil Taylor:

Whale Oil and friends 
Simon Lusk 
Right-wing consultant. In emails and messages revealed in the book, he boasted of helping candidates gain party nomination and of attack politics against opponents. Claimed to Slater that he had worked for Mark Mitchell (Nat, Rodney), Sam Lotu-Iiga (Nat, Maungakiekie), Louise Upston (Nat, Taupo), Jami-Lee Ross (Nat, Botany), Leonie Hapeta (unsuccessful Nat candidate Palmerston North 2011), Jonathan Fletcher (Nat, unsuccessful, Rimutaka 2011), and Sam Johnson of Christchurch's post-earthquakes Student Volunteer Army.

In one email to Slater he said: "I'm just motivated to cut throats. Unfortunately the biggest buzz I get is when I wreck someone, only done it three times, but I was on a massive high."

Clearly the right wing consultant and National party propagandist Simon Lusk is an unhinged psychopath who should have no place within New Zealand politics. The best way to ensure that such sick and twisted individuals have no influence over those in power is to vote for a change in government on September 20. Make sure you get out and vote.