Times up for Collins | The Jackal

21 Aug 2014

Times up for Collins

One of the most concerning things about this scandal surrounding the National parties dirty tactics is the fact that John Key appears to be a gutless wonder who has no intention of holding his Ministers to account.

Not only has the Prime Minister failed to adhere to his promise that one of the main players, Judith Collins, was on a final warning because she mislead him and the media over her use of taxpayers money concerning her husbands private business interests, he appears to in fact be scared of the Justice Minister and her pet attack blogger, Cameron Slater.

Instead of fearing for his political career because of National's infighting, John Key should fear for his political career because of the public's backlash against the underhanded and devious dealings exposed by Nicky Hager's excellent book, Dirty Politics.

If you needed any further indication that the public has had quite enough of the unscrupulous and nasty "Justice" Minister, Judith Collins, here it is:

Clearly time is up for Collins and John Key should do the right thing by sacking her.