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19 Aug 2014

Judith Collins must go

We all know that the so-called Minister of Justice, Judith Collins, is a best mate with the blogger at the centre of the Dirty Politics scandal, Cameron Slater. Their unhealthy relationship has often been on public display, particularly on the discredited blogsite, Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

What we didn't know however until the release of Nicky Hager’s most excellent book, Dirty Politics, was just how unbelievably low these despicable individuals are willing to sink in order to try and discredit their presumed and actual enemies.

Today, Radio NZ reported:

'Higher standards' for ministers under Labour 
Mr Key is under pressure to fire Justice Minister Judith Collins, who gave the name of a public servant to blogger Cameron Slater.

The minister suspected the public servant, Simon Pleasants, had leaked information about Finance Minister Bill English double-dipping on his accommodation allowance. Mr Pleasants had not leaked any information, but was subject to abuse on Mr Slater's Whale Oil blogsite and also received death threats.

Not only has Judith Collins now changed her story about what information she actually gave to the National party propagandist, she was wrong in the first place about who exactly had leaked information on Bill English's double-dipping. That makes Judith Collins' underhanded actions much much worse, because she was in effect trying to destroy the wrong person.

Firstly the Minister was stupid enough to accuse somebody without any proper evidence of his or her involvement. She then used a hired blogger to attack Simon Pleasants, surreptitiously defaming a completely innocent person for something they didn't do. To top it all off, Cameron Slater then wrote a bunch of vexatious slander that was specifically designed to denigrate a public servant, who because of his position and contract wasn't able to speak out against the unacceptable treatment he received. Those disgusting posts that put Pleasants' life in danger were clearly written at the Minister’s request. Therefore she must resign.

What would the Minister say if one of Slater's idiot followers had actually harmed or killed the person she was incorrectly going after? Would she maintain, as she is doing, that Pleasants is still somehow to blame for the bad press Bill English's double-dipping received, and leaking his name to Slater so they could publicly vilify him was somehow justified?

Along with a raft of other reprehensible behavior not becoming of a Minister of the Crown, this should ensure that Judith Collins is gone before lunchtime. The only reason I can see for John Key not immediately dismissing the Minister is because Collins and/or Slater has damaging information about him…information that the Prime Minister will do anything to keep secret.