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30 Aug 2014

Slater packs a sad

H/T Porcupine Farm
We all know that Cameron Slater AKA Whale Oil is a bit of a dick at the best of times. His stupidity and vindictive nature is clearly evident throughout the book Dirty Politics and on his discredited blog site, Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

After years of claiming the articles published there were all his own work, we now have proof that Cameron Slater is nothing more than a charlatan! There is no doubt that Slater is getting paid to publish the National party and tobacco industries defamatory attacks on people they don't like.

It is little wonder then that some journalists have chosen to now distance themselves from the right wing muckraker. Last week, the prominent journalist David Fisher wrote about his bad experiences in dealing with Cameron Slater.

On Monday, the NZ Herald reported:

My history with Cameron Slater

I've been accused of receiving stolen goods, had it suggested my performance at work was under question and had described sexual acts it is suggested might be inflicted upon me. I learned from reading posts about me that there is material on Whaleoil which is untrue, and much which so skewed it makes it difficult to discern what lies behind matters stated baldly as fact.

It is my opinon that Slater has cultivated on his blog such a nasty environment there can be no genuine benefit in dealing with him as a source.

How terrible for Cameron Slater's overinflated ego that a journalist has openly dared to do the right thing and walk away. Of course psychopaths rarely handle rejection very well, which is pretty evident from a recent email Slater sent to Fisher:

You are the one who breached their anonymity by continuing to print stolen and illegally obtained emails.

You are a disgrace.

Are you seriously [saying] people aren’t entitled to freedom of expression’? Sounds like it. The bully pulpit of the Herald has sunk so low.

I wonder when you will start featuring the paid staffers at The Standard who actually write posts…instead of continuing your jihad.

Don’t contact me again…see you in the market.

Most of that bleating doesn't make much sense. However, I would hazard a guess and say that the only one David Fisher has been tainted by is rotten old Whale Oil. Clearly Cameron Slater has no integrity or credibility to speak of. He is a discredited hack who is now having a tantrum about his true nature being exposed.