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6 Aug 2014

Key resorts to sexist slander

We all know that the Prime Minister is a bit of a clown at the best of times. In fact without his script, John Key often appears to be unable to put a cohesive sentence together. It's not just his speech impediment though, which to his credit he's worked hard to remedy, it's the way the guy thinks that simply doesn't make much sense.

Today, 3 News reported on a perfect example of Key’s idiocy:

Key's Dotcom 'sugar daddy' comment sexist – Harre 
Internet Party leader Laila Harre is outraged the Prime Minister has called Kim Dotcom her 'sugar daddy'.

Ms Harre wants a head-to-head debate with John Key at his multi-candidate electorate event in Kumeu, but organisers say it's purely a public question time.

Speaking on RadioLIVE, Mr Key agreed it's for the locals and not an opportunity for Ms Harre to "grandstand on behalf of her sugar daddy Kim Dotcom".

Clearly this was a sexist and slanderous slur that was designed to belittle Laila Harre and Kim Dotcom. Not only is John Key showing that he's a bit of a creep by implying that Kim Dotcom is only funding the Internet/Mana party because of a sexual relationship with Laila Harre, he's also displaying a complete lack of respect for woman in general.

What else is new? Just a few weeks ago the slimy Key also refused to apologise to Tania Billingsley for the government's mishandling of the Malaysian diplomat case. Because of their incompetence, Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, the man accused of assault and attempted rape, was allowed to leave New Zealand and has so far escaped facing justice. Key had previously said that he would apologise but then reneged because Billingsley spoke out against the government.

The rest of National's MPs aren't much better either with nearly 80% of the party comprised of males. Unlike the Labour party, which has worked hard to have proportional representation, that unbalanced amount of males compared to females in John Key’s party is a clear sign that the current government is chauvinistic!

Let’s hope that enough right-minded New Zealanders vote these sexist bastards out.