Pete George vs Cameron Slater | The Jackal

19 Aug 2013

Pete George vs Cameron Slater

It seems that Peter Dunne's number one fan, Pete George, hasn't taken kindly to Cameron Slater criticizing the leader of the United Future party. In a post yesterday, George lays into old blubber guts, likening the Whale Oil Beef Hooked site to "a bull in a political china shop." He also makes some other observations that I find myself agreeing with:

Cam and his blog assistants are happy to dish up shit but they aren’t so happy being held to account for it. When challenged they launched into a bout of defensiveness and attempted lash backs on the blog.

Although drenched in rhetoric, George then highlights the differences between Slater's promotion of Whale Oil Beef Hooked as some sort of fine upstanding publication and his childish banter on twitter, something the deluded right-winger is notorious for.

Recently on his blog Slater claimed to have long game political goals, so this is confusing. “Cam Slater critically analyses politics” conflicts with this, where Slater seems more intent on lighting fires under politicians so he can watch them burn.

Critical political analysis? Or crappy political arsonist?

It’s difficult to see him as the former when he seems more intent on the latter. In politics people who keep playing with matches burn bridges, and are likely to burn themselves out.

By all accounts it's a conclusive trouncing that Slater hasn't answered. Although the annoying Pete George is attempting to defend a highly hypocritical politician, he has gone about highlighting a serious flaw in Slaters' propaganda.

It's my guess that the RWNJ has resiled himself to being a mere blogger. Even if he wanted to pursue a career in politics, it would undoubtedly fail. That's mainly because of leaked documents from a National party Board meeting showing they consider Slater and his accomplice, Simon Lusk, to have a "very negative agenda for the party" and that they effectively don't trust them.

Considering that vote of no confidence along with a number of other damaging incidents, Slater has assuredly ended any chance at a career in politics.

However, with his last vestiges of credibility gone, the oily slug really has nothing to lose as a propagandist. Let's hope he continues to promote his extremism that will assuredly help to turn middle New Zealand against National.