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4 Aug 2013

Cameron Slater vs journalists

It looks like Cameron Slater is onto another winning strategy over at Whale Oil Beef Hooked. The deluded fool clearly doesn't like the recent reports coming out about his beloved National party and is campaigning hard against the mainstream media to try and shut them up.

The funny thing is that the journalists he's criticizing are what many people would consider to be right wing. Reporters such as Patrick Gower and John Armstrong have been some of John Keys most vocal supporters, a fact that seems to have escaped Slater’s obviously short attention span.

After many dutiful posts referencing John Armstrong articles where he's being critical of the Labour party, Cameron Slater claims the media continue their faux outrage against National:

The media continue to make themselves the story in attempting to pursue John Key.

Apparently the inquiry that the opposition called for, the media demanded is now the “sound was of the democratic fabric being ripped asunder”.

So far John Armstrong is the most outraged using all sorts of metaphors to try to describe one little inquiry as some affront to democratic traditions.

Only a truly deluded RWNJ would think there's nothing wrong with Key's administration breaching people's privacy and then lying about it.

This isn't just about the inquiry either; it's about the PM trying to mislead the country concerning how that inquiry was conducted. It's about the drip-feeding of information that shows gross incompetence and a breach of process at the highest levels.

Despite that fact, Slater has decided to throw his tows out of the cot:

Or perhaps they are massively over egging a rather silly little pudding massively. If the very fabric of democracy was being ripped asunder surely they would have trouble even reporting on this, the radio and television stations would be screening documentaries of our glorious past leaders in place of real news.

Over egging a rather silly little pudding? Couple that grievous breach of privacy with the revelation that award-winning investigative journalist Jon Stephenson was spied on by the NZDF and today's news that the Police seized hundreds of text messages belonging to Bradley Ambrose, the reporter who inadvertently recorded the teapot tape, and it's not hard to see that the tide is turning against National and their destructive regime, not because of any media bias, but simply because the government is acting undemocratically.

Entirely ignoring that unlawful conduct, the idiot Slater continues to blame the media for National's predicament:

These guys know not what they enjoy. They are being shown up for the petulant and pathetic howlers that they are.

Of course what goes unsaid is that in New Zealand at the moment the media are the opposition.

Now what is more of a affront to democratic freedoms than an activist unelected media intent on a political agenda trying to overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister by white-anting him through their publications?

The media are the opposition? The left doesn't need the media to be against the government in order to win. All we need is for people like John Armstrong and Patrick Gower to report the facts. The facts alone will ensure that public support for John Key's defunct and destructive government declines.

Apparently concerned citizens have been writing into the former newspaper editor with their similar criticism of mainstream media, as if this somehow gives the deluded one’s argument a modicum of credibility.

Today, the blubber boy reported:

I am sick and tired of the likes of Patrick Gower, Andrea Vance, New Zealand Herald, Fairfax etc reporting on their latest interests and pet projects when they should be focussing on issues that are truly important to New Zealanders.

I am disgusted with the reporting that has taken place by almost all media with regards to the GCSB bill. They are basically feeding us opposition stories word for word.

The right wing is clearly very worried about the Vance/Dunne spying debacle. That's because it, along with the subsequent attempted cover-up, has the potential to bring down John Key and his bunch of contemptible cronies.

It will be interesting to see how the Privileges Committee hearing plays out and whether the propagandists like Slater and Farrar will even report its findings. They’ve both been trying their best to ignore National’s bad news so far.

There is no doubt that many media outlets in New Zealand favour the arguments provided by National's spin-doctors such as Matthew Hooton and Duncan Garner while the truth often goes unreported. That's one of the reasons we're in such a sad state of affairs in terms of democratic process and accountability.

However, a media that is biased in favour of the left won't be beneficial in the long run either. Only a mainstream media that adheres to journalistic integrity will help create the New Zealand we all want and deserve…journalistic integrity that I am pleased to say has predominated the debate surrounding this latest spying fiasco.

In the meantime, here's some reading that Slater might like to catch up on: How to Win Friends and Influence People.