1080 kills Kea | The Jackal

22 Aug 2013

1080 kills Kea

Today, the NZ Herald reports:

The Department of Conservation says five out of 39 monitored kea have died of poisoning during the first field study using a bird repellent in an aerial 1080 operation near Otira.

DOC has been trialling repellents after a number of kea deaths from 1080 poisoning. In 2008 seven died in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier area, and in 2011 seven more died at Okarito.

Why on earth have DOC been trialling 1080, a poison that is known to kill Kea, in a habitat where large numbers of the bird are known to be residing?

DOC said today results from the recent Otira trial were "disappointing".

This isn't just disappointing, it's a travesty!

Technical adviser threats Michelle Crowell said losing five birds was "naturally disappointing".

"But overall the benefits to kea populations from pest control continue to outweigh the loss of individual birds to 1080."
Kea bird eating 1080

What a load of rubbish! Losing any amount of an endangered species through 1080 poisoning when there are other systems available to eradicate pest species that don't impact on native birdlife is simply not acceptable.

In my opinion, DOC needs to be reigned in from their mass 1080 campaign that is destroying the chances of many endangered species to survive. The only advantage 1080 has over other pest eradication systems is that it's cheaper.

Let's hope that some prosecutions for killing native bird life will curb DOC's insane belief that 1080 is the only answer.