2200 complaints | The Jackal

4 Aug 2013

2200 complaints

The Jackal has received a letter from the Ombudsman concerning a complaint about the government not releasing information relating to the funding of spying agencies. As with most correspondence from the Ombudsman these days, it includes this disclaimer:

However, please note that, as at 4 June 2013 we have over 2200 complaints on hand and limited investigator capacity. We are therefore not in a position to be able to investigate all of the complaints before us at the same time. This has meant that we are experiencing delays in progressing some of the complaints before us and, in particular, delays in being able to allocate complaints to the Investigators who assist the Ombudsmen.

Well done National...2200 complaints has got to be some sort of record?

Underfunding a vital organisation to ensure they cannot perform their duties properly and eliciting so many complaints, most of which will be about the government trying to keep secrets, is further evidence that the current administration is an absolute failure!

Let's not wait until December 2014, it's time for a snap election now.