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14 Aug 2013

No silver bullet

Last week, Stuff reported:

Mr Shearer says the bill would closely follow the Australian model, where foreigners can buy land and build houses.

"By itself this is not a silver bullet for housing affordability, but it is part of the solution," he says.

Then on Monday, the NZ Herald reported:

As Bill English told conference delegates, there was no magic bullet. It was instead a case of doing lots of things which "all push in the right direction".

Yesterday, the NZ Herald editorial, which quoted from Bill English's magic bullet speech, then ran with the headline:

National's home plan no silver bullet.

Today, the Otago Daily Times reported on John Key saying:

"There's no silver bullet. In any three-month period in New Zealand 100,000 jobs are lost or created. Our job is to create them at a faster rate than they are lost."

Also today, David Farrar wrote:

I don’t think charter schools are a silver bullet.

It appears that the right wing have learnt a new catch phrase. Perhaps they've resorted to taking cues from David Shearer because they're bereft of ideas. LOL!