David Shearer resigns | The Jackal

22 Aug 2013

David Shearer resigns

Today, 3 News reports:

David Shearer has resigned as leader of the Labour Party, citing poor polling and admitting he doesn't have the confidence of his colleagues.

"I've made this announcement now after the fight to defeat the GCSB bill," he told media shortly after an urgent caucus meeting this afternoon. "I didn't want us distracted before now."

He said there was no ultimatum given or vote taken before he quit, but refused to answer questions about the process.

Unfortunately there is a lot of gloating going on about Shearer's resignation as Labour leader and glee shown by those who want to see the party destabilized.

Mr Shearer's resignation is effective from when a new leader is appointed, a process which is expected to take three to four weeks. Nominations for the leadership will open within 48 hours.

"Whoever becomes next leader will have my full support," Mr Shearer said.

The silver lining being that Labour will have around a year to introduce their new leader to the general public.

The right will of course try to undermine them in the same fashion they undermined Helen Clark, Phil Goff and David Shearer...with more innuendo and lies.