Majority don't trust Key | The Jackal

26 Aug 2013

Majority don't trust Key

Today, Stuff reports:

A majority of New Zealanders do not fully believe what John Key says, despite rating him as a strong and effective leader whom they trust to run the country, the latest Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll testing voters' attitude to our political leaders shows.

Asked if they fully believed what Key said, 58.6 per cent said no and just 23.5 per cent yes.

The fact that nearly 59% of Kiwis don't believe John Key is no real surprise considering how many lies the dishonest PM has been telling. In fact hardly a day goes by without the con artist spouting forth another inaccurate or blatantly false comment.

The current Prime Minister is an embarrassment, both domestically and internationally. He has brought the government of New Zealand into disrepute on so many occasions that it would fill an encyclopaedia.