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1 Mar 2012

Tui advertising breaches law

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Tui has cancelled today's (Wed) planned meeting with a feminist group to discuss a television advert it branded sexist, telling the group to instead direct its concerns to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Auckland Feminist Action said it was "disappointed'' after a Tui beer spokesperson pulled out of the meeting in which a group representative wanted to discuss their concerns about the television advert.


In a message to APNZ, Tui spokesman Jarrod Bear said he was busy with several meetings and was no longer able to meet Ms Morris.

The Tui advertising campaigns adhered to advertising codes and that the company had received "overwhelming support from NZ public'', said Mr Bear.

"She could channel her organisation's concerns through to Advertising Standards Authority.''

For now, let's just ignore what the World Health Organisation’s European Charter on Alcohol states:

All children and adolescents have the right to grow up in an environment protected from the negative consequences of alcohol consumption and, to the extent possible, from the promotion of alcoholic beverages.

Let's also put aside the fact that Tui considers themselves "socially responsible" while exploiting the public with alcohol promotions in every way possible.

The issue concerns Tui using sex to sell their beer... and there are laws as well as a code that is meant to regulate such advertising:

2(d) Advertisements shall not be sexually provocative or suggestive or suggest any link between liquor and sexual attraction or performance.

The Tui adverts are clearly in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority Code for Advertising Liquor. What is the point in having rules when they're breached with impunity?

But what is a more pressing question is why would anybody drink such a shit beer? Surely no amount of brainwashing can trick people's taste buds into liking that crap!