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7 Mar 2012

The disappearing Police complaint

On 5 September, I wrote to the Police Commissioner Peter Marshall, to make a formal complaint concerning Owen Glenn bribing people to vote for the National or Act parties in the upcoming general election.

Then on 28 October, I received an email from Detective Senior Sergeant Liam Clinton, that confirmed the correct Police department had received my complaint:

I apologise for the delay in replying to you personally. Your complaint has been recieved by the Police Electoral Related Offending Project, which I am coordinating at present.

The police file number for your complaint re Mr Glenn is 111028/1374.

As we have a number of ERO referrals we are dealing with I cannot guarantee a date that this matter will be resolved by.

I will contact you if we need any further information, and definitely once we have made a decision about any enforcement action re this matter.

However there appears to be no further progress concerning the serious issue of Owen Glenn's election bribery. It is now over six months since I made my formal complaint to the Police Commissioner, which is a totally unacceptable amount of time to wait.

Then today, TV3 reported:

The Police Commissioner has fronted up at Parliament to answer MPs’ questions about plans to cut police spending. He also promised that after nearly four months, a police ruling on the tea pot tape investigation is imminent.

John Key still says the police force have “got time to look at all the issues that are presented to them”, although it’s taken them nearly four months to work through his teapot tape investigation.

However the investigation wasn’t done in the police’s spare time, as Commissioner Peter Marshall says there isn’t any of that; police are “very busy and we're busy all the time”.

Clearly the Police have given more priority to John Keys complaint concerning somebody taping a conversation in a public place than Owen Glenn's corruption.

They have made a thorough investigation of the teapot tape incident while my complaint of a more serious nature has completely disappeared off the radar.

Owen Glenn hasn't even made the $100 million donation to the government that he promised. As well as being corrupt, he is also a two faced liar.

Unfortunately it's just another case of one law for the rich and another for the rest of us.