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8 Mar 2012

Richard Pearson - Asshole of the Week

Yesterday, One News correspondent Stephen Smith reported that the Port of Auckland refute Union claims that it was planning redundancies all along, with Ports of Auckland Chairman Richard Pearson saying:

That is not true, we were not plotting outsourcing until we got to a stage where negotiations with the Union showed that they could not, and that they were against delivering the much needed changes that need to take place at the port.

What a load of bullshit! Richard Pearson is ignoring the fact that PoAL's illegal Labour Strategy (PDF) that outlined how they would make the workers redundant has been made public.

It stipulates what PoAL shareholders would support the plan, the legal maneuvering that would be required and the $7 to $9 million it would cost to make the stevedores redundant.

The PoAL's Labour Strategy outlining the plan to sack the stevedores was written well before 30 September 2011, which makes Richard Pearson a big fat fucking liar! He is therefore this week's Asshole Award recipient.

The Maritime Union says the battle is far from over after Ports of Auckland struck a devastating blow in a bitter and long-running industrial dispute.

The port will begin the process of making almost 300 striking dock workers redundant, a move it says will boost productivity at the port.

In order to achieve more productivity ie 100% more profit for the Auckland Council, PoAL are willing to discriminate against the collective bargaining rights arranged by MUNZ.

This is clearly a breach of the Employment Relations Act 2000, which states:

(6) It is a breach of subsection (1) for an employer to advise, or to do anything with the intention of inducing, an employee—
(a) not to be involved in bargaining for a collective agreement; or
(b) not to be covered by a collective agreement.

Sacking all the workers because PoAL want them on individual contracts is a breach of good faith in employment relations outlined in the Act.