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16 Mar 2012

Odgers vs Bomber

On Wednesday, TV3 reported that John Key said he would not sack public sector workers and that there was no good argument for asset sales.

The right wing didn't like that truthful reporting much, with Cameron Slater making shit up in an attempt to discredit the source of the information.

Political reporter Duncan Garner then set the record straight, however Slater didn't have the good sense to amend his mistake.

Bomber Bradbury then posted about Cameron Slater's blundering:

That Cam got it so wrong by claiming Garner was lying after doing the dirty work of the PoA by releasing personal info on the trauma of a wharfie suggests the whale has beached himself and is in need of some actual work or risks being put on a suicide watch.

Poor Cam, he's better than this. His fall from grace this week is akin to watching a full blown Parkinson's Muhammad Ali trying to get back in the ring to proclaim he's still the champ. Take a mental health week off Cam, you need it.

Today, Catcus Kate spat the dummy:

Martyn has posted recently many pieces solely about Whaleoil. It has become obsessive because Whaleoil is not even bothering commenting back to this taunting. His last "effort" yesterday about Whaleoil, mental illness and in particular suicide was particularly disgusting. I bet Martyn now tries to say he was only joking. Well fuck you pinhead, it is not funny to talk about suicide about anyone like that.

That's rich coming from Odgers, especially considering some of her comments regarding suicide:

Fresh from his wife committing political suicide within the Labour Party, John Pagani gave us another breath-taking piece of cut-paste analysis this weekend.

The closest you can legally get to assisted suicide must surely be residing at Sanctuary Cove on Australia’s Gold Coast.

It’s just a subject that just won't die. Celebrity and suicide. Put the two together and I give you the new word for the week Celebricide.

My personal view on suicide and depression is that anyone willing to talk about it is 99% certain not to actually kill themselves.

Everyone I know who has "successfully" committed suicide has like Nike says, Just Done It.

Although Bomber's comment was tongue in cheek, there is a more serious side... Slater has been getting worse and people who care about him, as I'm sure Bomber deep down inside actually does, have noticed and have an obligation to point that out.

Nobody wants to read continuous vexation built on speculation, we want a functional and truthful rightwing commentary, which is unfortunately largely lacking from New Zealand's blogosphere.

Slater should think long and hard about people's concerns and get the help he requires. In my opinion, he's a psychologically sick individual who is promoting his mental illness in an attempt to justify it. He uses his own experience as a way to protect himself from further intervention, when it is obviously required.

Odger's is completely wrong that people just commit suicide; there are always clues. But not content with her rant being completely hypocritical, she then personalizes it with misinformation:

What is Martyn's excuse for his years of failure to hit the big time in the New Zealand MSM? Would I even bother commenting about suicide and depression if Martyn was a sufferer? No, I would ignore it and hope he was getting some help.

So basically Catcus would ignore somebody who was displaying signs of depression. I guess that's why she thinks people just spontaneously commit suicide. Simply hoping somebody gets the help they need is a huge copout! New Zealand's horrendous world leading suicide statistics require a pro-active approach, not ignorance from a failed Act candidate.

Like everyones personal life, including myself, Martyn has a past that best it doesn't have sunlight on. If he wants to stoop to that level of promoting suicide to another person and cracking pseudo-jokes about their personal life then it is game on as his past is much deeper and darker than anything myself, David Farrar or even Whaleoil could manage.

Catcus is such an old windbag full of hollow threats. Gone are the days when her vile drivel polluted our MSM and thank god for that.

She is a discredited and defunct commentator who hides behind a barbed wire fence, too afraid of her own shadow to step out into the light.

Bomber has had a career where he veritably bathed in the sunlight in comparison. He has not "promoted suicide" by saying Slater should be on watch. He has highlighted a problem that needs attention... and that is what good blogging is all about.