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8 Mar 2012

Peter Dunne lying scum

Today, TV3 reported that National's asset sales Mixed Ownership Model Bill passed its first reading in Parliament by one vote:

Labour’s David Cunliffe said the bill should be called the ‘Peter Dunne epitaph bill’ – which ignited Mr Dunne. He challenged everyone to find evidence of him saying he was against the sale of these assets.

Clearly Dunne's bouffant is sucking his brains out. On 4 November, DividedFuture published their pre-election video, in which Peter Dunne states:

Asset sales are on National’s agenda but they cannot be given a blank cheque. Part of United Future as a support partner, is to keep the government on a centre path, no extremes. So we say there are three key assets that should never be sold; Kiwibank, Radio New Zealand and our Water… and that we also need to keep New Zealand Control of all our other assets.

The video misleads the viewer into believing that Peter Dunne was against selling our assets prior to the election. He also more clearly stated as much in at least one major debate prior to people going to the polls.

Much of our water is being included in National’s MOM privatisation and the Māori Council has lodged a claim in the Waitangi Tribunal relating to the rights to the water used by the companies on the block.

Clearly the MOM asset sales would go against what Peter Dunne in DividedFuture promised prior to the last election, that he would not sell our water. His vote for National's asset sales therefore makes him a scumbag liar through and through.

He also clearly stated in an address to Deloittes that he was very aware that many voters were voting for Key despite asset sales, not because of them:

  • Asset sales are on National’s agenda, but the jury is very much out on just how comfortable New Zealander's are with this policy.
  • My take on it is that Kiwis are not very comfortable at all with it – most certainly not with anything close to open slather.
  • The many people who want John Key back in power for the next three years, want him in spite of asset sales and not because of them.
  • I sense very strongly that New Zealander's do not want to give National a blank cheque on asset sales.

Peter Dunne cannot be trusted.