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2 Mar 2012

Cathy Odgers factually deficient

Today, the blogger known as Catcus Kate asked a question:

John Campbell went soft however as he misses one very pertinent question that would have been my second question -

Where are you [sic] tax resident and how much tax have you paid in New Zealand individually and for

Obviously she didn't bother to watch the Campbell Live interview with Kim Dot Com properly. There has been no information to question Kim Dot Com's validity concerning this matter, simply because he's not evaded his tax obligations.

Again the prickly pear has written an entire post based on her dubious speculations, rallying against Kim Dot Com's profound argument with factually deficient innuendo.

But what is even more idiotic is that after Cactus Kate says Kim Dot Com gave a "masterful performances in gaining public sympathy", she then says that the appearance on Campbell Live was not advisable because some shit an increasingly irrelevant blogger named Cathy Odgers is making up might make the public not support the beleaguered entrepreneur.

Opening your gob like he has and inviting media in to his lair for a looksie has its downsides. It brings up little questions like this one that need answering. It is why lawyers always tell clients to STFU and face palm to themselves when the client opens up to media.

This is the usual right wing mentality that thinks anybody who is arrested is guilty. It doesn't matter if they are or not... they are god damn guilty of something because the cops say so OK! People like Cathy Odgers cannot differentiate between what is fact or fiction, and she would be best served by adhering to her own advice. Only pricks make shit up to try to defame others!