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21 Mar 2012

The real nasty bloggers

Regular readers of The Jackal will know that there is no love lost between certain right wing bloggers and myself.

The fundamental divide between what they and I believe could not be wider, and our disagreement on many issues has now resulted in their unfounded open abuse of a completely innocent person. That's why it's important to set the record straight again:

The Jackal is not Todd McDonald from Ruakaka.

The rightwing bloggers who've been foaming at the mouth about somebody who does not deserve their various unfounded accusations and bullying can now STFU.

In light of how despicable their commentary has become, I took it upon myself to write an open letter to inform Mr Todd McDonald from Ruakaka about their defamatory statements:

Dear Sir,

I write to you concerning a most serious issue that you need to be aware of.

There have been a number of hateful comments made about you by certain right-wing bloggers on the Internet, namely Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers and David Farrar.

For some reason they believe you contribute to a New Zealand blogsite named The Jackal. We both know this is not true.

Although as the main author of that site I'm not personally responsible for their actions, I make a heartfelt apology for their abusive articles and the comments they elicit, some of which I will include with this letter for your information.

I am unsure why the blogger Cameron John Slater, who tried to hide his identity prior to being caught by the Police for breaking the law (PDF) by disclosing the identity of sex abuse victims, has chosen to attack the wrong person. It could be that he is simply too lazy to check the facts.

Slater claims that The Jackal is using a fake email address, while my contact information has not changed. I am sure that if any of the afore mentioned right-wing idiots had bothered to contact you directly Mr McDonald from Ruakaka, you would have been more than happy to correct their misconceptions.
Cathy Odgers calls you a “weasly scrote” [sic] amongst other unsavoury insults and is undoubtedly responsible for turning many people off reading. It appears that she is the person who initiated the misdirected abuse against you because she sleuthed some information on the Internet completely unrelated to The Jackal. The others stupidly followed her misdirection.

David Farrar is happy to repeat the factually baseless posts of his two lapdogs. In doing so, he's promoting and encouraging the defamation. Some of the comments their posts elicit claim you have a sex offending history. Whether this claim is true or not and I suspect it not to be, he should feel equally ashamed for promoting such baseless speculation.

Making comments that question the respectful occupation of horse training and plumbing is one thing, but allowing people to say they will openly inhibit you from getting medical attention if you require it and celebrate your misfortune is in my opinion sick! Calling for a boycott on your businesses and encouraging the open abuse of you with such hateful lies is inexcusable.

You should also be aware that The Jackal has received a number of threats that are directed at you. In light of this more serious abuse I could not in all good conscience remain silent. These same people have also published your entire contact details and called for your wife to be harassed, which makes me somewhat fear for your and her safety.
You should consider contacting the Police concerning this matter and I will be happy to provide them with any information they require.

Dear Todd McDonald from Ruakaka, please accept my sincere apologies for the unbelievably stupid actions of certain morally defunct right-wing blogger’s.


The Jackal.

There's nothing new about Slater, Odgers and Farrar being factually deficient, but their hatred directed towards somebody who’s likely completely unaware of their lies about him, in my opinion, requires formal apologies and retractions from them.

Their arrogance of the worst order will undoubtedly mean none is forthcoming. As usual, the right-wingers only want accountability when it's not their own.