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15 Mar 2012

Lies won the election

On 8 March, reported:

A further 2400 public service jobs could be slashed as the Treasury looks to deepen spending cuts.

A Treasury report suggests that the Government should be looking to make public sector savings of $250 million a year, but says spending in the past two years has been cut by only $20m. The Treasury itself saved only $338,000.

The report says "backroom" jobs – which are not defined, but could include human resources, IT and finance services – should be slashed by 20 per cent.

More than 2500 public sector jobs have gone since National took office in 2008.

Then Yesterday, Duncan Garner reported:

Labour says a promise by John Key in 2008 shows he has misled the public over job cuts in the public service.

3 News has dug out never before seen footage of Mr Key promising “no job cuts” to the Public Service Association Conference back in 2008.

Since then 2,500 jobs have gone and hundreds more are being shed at Foreign Affairs, Defence and in the wider public sector.

In the same speech Mr Key also says selling assets like Mighty River Power will not make the economy better or the “boat go faster”.

While it is true that the GFC was bad for New Zealand with stagnant or negative growth, it was already in effect when John Key made his now broken promises.

In fact the crisis officially started for New Zealand in June 2007, some fifteen months before Key made his infamous speech to the PSA on 25 September 2008.

Financial incompetence and corruption is never a good look, especially when we're talking about the so called "Leader" of New Zealand. What did we ever do to deserve such a crap PM?