Labour Drops the Ball | The Jackal

7 Jun 2011

Labour Drops the Ball

Labour is failing to gain any traction on issues that have far ranging negative implications for New Zealand. Like National, they've become disassociated from the general public. This is in part due to media bias but it can also be squarely leveled at incompetence. Labour's softly softly approach in regards to policy failures isn't working and I sometimes wonder if they give a rats arse about this country and its people at all. With ineffectual campaigns and multi-media blundering, Labour acts like they've got all the time in the World.

Labour should be jumping all over National's obvious lies, flaws and contradictions. There's presently a veritable smorgasbord of questionable behavior that's been presented to Labour on a dinner plate. They need to put some goddamn checks and balances in place before National and Act legislate New Zealand to hell. I'm not talking about "nifty little tricks" to slow the destructive process down. I'm talking about getting your a into g Labour... Your country needs you.

It appears that Labour is caught up in trivialities. Nobody is particularly interested in a bicycle race between Cameron Slater and Trevor Mallard when there are pressing matters of great importance at hand. I realize there’s potential humour in seeing a RWNJ make a complete arse of himself, but apart from being a running commentary on the benefits of personalized attacks, what is the point in a political party stooping to such levels?

It's not just dysfunction within Labour that is the problem with our current political setup... The Maori Party seems happy to let National destroy much of what our forbears worked for as well. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer is surely the ideology being used by National in regards to the Maori Party.

Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples have been sadly silent on the further repression of those they're meant to represent. They ignorantly sit idly by happy to wrap themselves in a poisonous blanket of blind faith, all the while National is undermining their credibility with repressive policies causing great harm to an already disadvantaged people.
Because of such complacency coupled with National’s policies that further ostracize the poor, I’m predicting the lowest turnout at the next election ever. People are simply sick and tired of media manipulation, corruption, infighting and National largely getting away with their war on our decent society.